Web Design

So why bother with a web site?

Your web site is your window to the world.  There are plenty of ways to set it up - from your 'free' sites offered by a few ISPs to your super flash site offered by some web design companies (at huge cost).  We set up a sophisticated site using a Content Management System (CMS) and take you though the process in a way that you can understand.

What is the advantage content management system?

Put simply, we set up your web site - the front page, the content, the contact pages - and you can edit the content easily.  This is your most basic web site, but what if you want to display and sell products?  What if you want to have a newsletter to engage with your clients (one way) or provide the facility for comments, blogs and forums?  The trick behind content management is that the information is all stored in a database (like an electronic filing cabinet) and your site can be expanded as much as you want in a relatively short period of time .....and time is money when it comes to web site design.

We are able to put a web site that once used to cost over R60 000 together for a fraction of this price and offer specials for people who simply want to put together a basic site that they can change themselves.